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Nhea Pure Care

Dermatologically Tested

Our blends are founded on years of research and dermatological testing to ensure they deliver our promise.

FDA Approval

Our products are vegan, FDA approved and WHO- GMP certified.

Ethically Sourced

All Nhea Pure Care products consist of 100% chemical free ethically-sourced, cruelty-free therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Supports All Skin Types

Our gentle ingredients enhance and support all skin types and genders.

Our Products


Nhea Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)

Rs. 349.00 Rs. 400.00


Nhea Pure Rose Essential Oil (10ml)

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 500.00

Best Sellers

Nhea Acne Care 15ml

Rs. 400.00

Nhea Pain Relief Roll On

Rs. 199.00

Nhea Anti Aging 15ml

Rs. 400.00

Nhea Pure Rosemary Essential Oil (10ml) Nhea Pure Rosemary Essential Oil (10ml)

Nhea Pure Rosemary Essential Oil (10ml)

Rs. 349.00 Rs. 400.00

Nhea Lavender Essential Oil (10ml) Nhea Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)

Nhea Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)

Rs. 349.00 Rs. 400.00



The Nhea Pain Roll On melted away my period cramps. It has a very therapeutic smell and is very convenient. It even helps as a roll on for headaches. I strongly recommend using it during painful periods. Its a must have in my purse!

Dr. Neetu Singh

Its a wonderful immunobooster spray.Have reordered it on Amazon.Smells wonderful and also helped me with my allergies and building my immunity during rainy season.

Upasana Sanyal

The Nhea Acne Care Face oil is a brilliant product. Long hours of using face mask in the hospital during the pandemic had made my skin prone to acnes & skin problems . I used the Nhea face oil for a month and noticed a reduction in hyperpigmented marks . In addition to that ,the fragrance is very relaxing. The oil also gives an overall moisturing effect to my face and I highly recommend everyone to add this in their daily skin care routine. The Key to rejuvenated skin I believe is Consistency and Patience.

Karuna Jaiswal

I am a very laid back person when it comes to skin care . But casually I asked a franchise holder Mr Aby Thomas for it, to try and it has worked wonders for my facial skin and this especially comes at the very right time when I am about to launch my YouTube videos. Many ladies after personally seeing me asked the secret of the glowing healthy skin and also some people noticed by just seeing my pictures. Thank you Nhea Oil.

Satya Bajpai

I’ve been using Nhea roll on for sometime now. It works wonders for mild headache . My daughter who gets migraine attacks ,finds it very effective. I also found it extremely curative for olfactory training during my covid recovery . I would highly recommend the product 👍👍


The life rejuvenaters

It's really a very good experience while using the nhea face oil. It is very useful in skin whitening, tightening, glow on skin.

Prinal Goyal

Best product when it comes to pain relief. I have been using pain relief for more than a year now. It is very effective in all kinds of pain. Indeed, A wonderful product!

Shai Shah

Nhea Anti-aging Face Oil has become an integral part of my daily skincare routine. Having tried many brands in the market, I have come to love Nhea products as they have some of the purest ingredients with no fillers as they are purely oil based. The pain-relief roll on and massage oils are magical ...and a product I love to gift. Highly recommended for everyone! Those I recommended Nhea products to have been converts and are truly happy with the quality and the effectiveness.

Varnika Bajpai

I have been using Nhea face oil for two weeks now and it has been working visibly for my freckles and acne marks. My skin feels healthier, hydrated and soft. Pores also seem to have reduced. It has a pleasant soothing aroma. I’m very happy to have come across nhea face oil and highly recommend it. Thank you Nhea!