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Nature's Best-Kept Secret!

Our ancestors have used essential oils for millennia because of their extraordinary medicinal properties. These oils, extracted from herbs, flowers and leaves, have potent healing powers, often more effective and gentler than many modern medical solutions, enhancing your health and beauty.

The Shift To Organic

The 21st century has seen a growing global awareness towards saving the planet and all things organic. The demand for organic products in India has also been increasing. With our penchant for natural healing and business, we identified an opportunity to provide high-quality essential oils that genuinely heal at an affordable price.

How We Started

Thus we founded Nhea- founded by two passionate and experienced women entrepreneurs with a strong social commitment. Our company produces proprietary blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils, harnessing the healing powers of nature. We have more than ten years of experience in aromatherapy and women's healthcare in the USA and have even received the Guinness World Record for Female Hygiene awareness creation.

The Essential Oils Market today

Today, Nhea is one of India's pioneers in producing therapeutic-grade blended essential oils focused on various wellness and beauty benefits. We noticed that most essential oils sold in the market are 'essential scents', which smell lovely, but are too dilute to produce actual health benefits. Other high-quality essential oils are available at exorbitant prices, leading us to believe that we had found our niche.

About our Oils

Our oils combine the best natural ingredients in their purest form. Only the finest selection of flowers, herbs, leaves, and roots find their way as botanical extracts for Nhea products. We seek to educate people about the great benefits of essential oils and make choices that will allow them to address various beauty and wellness concerns through the power of nature and aromatherapy. We use innovative Proprietary synergy blends of therapeutic-grade essential oils ranging from 6 to 12 blended in one or two ethically sourced organic carrier oils. Nhea's oil blends alleviate the symptoms of various lifestyle conditions afflicting many today - depression, anxiety, low immunity and other physical aches and pains. They are highly effective and often have multiple benefits, like our menstrual cramp relief roll-on, which primarily relieves pain, uplifts mood, and promotes sleep.

At Nhea, Ancient wisdom meets 21st Century Science.

We work with plant-based products to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind of those who choose us daily. Each Nhea product results from careful R&D and testing to ensure the products deliver. Sometimes, we have co-created new formulations with existing customers and other stakeholders by solving their pain points!
Our rigorous R&D and manufacturing processes are conducted regularly by an in-house team of aromatherapists and experts at our sprawling 5000 sq. ft. facility in Pune. Our dedicated R&D team are constantly researching ways to see how new blends can enhance the lives of our customers.