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How to Get relief From Period Pain?

How to Get relief From Period Pain?

Most women experience menstrual pain, also referred to as dysmenorrhea. This pain often occurs as cramps in the lower abdomen. Women working as frontline workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic also experience this pain because they cannot postpone it. Due to tight work schedules, they must live with it or sought to use medications. If you or your loved one experiences this pain, try Nhea Roll-On for reasons discussed in this article.

How COVID-19 Challenges the People of India

India currently faces significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The country’s dense population makes it hard to adhere to the COVID-19 protection measures such as social distancing. That said, the disease has impaired people’s ability to meet their daily needs because of mass lay-off. As a result, the overall Indian economy has been significantly affected.

Besides, frontline workers dedicate their time and risk their lives to serve COVID-19 patients who increase day in day out. As a result, they work for long shifts and strain to meet their daily personal improvement plans.

Role of Women in the Fight Against Covid-19 in India

One interesting fact that most people don’t recognize is that most of the frontline workers are women. Women play an integral role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the WHO director, women contribute to about 70% of the world’s health workforce. Therefore, play an integral role in fighting the deadly virus-caused disease. They nurse COVID-19 patients and provide support to COVID-19 afflicted families, yet they have their own families to take care of. Aren’t they superheroes?

How Women in India are Coping with Menstrual Pain.

Despite experiencing menstrual pain, female frontline workers cannot afford to take leave until they recover. This case is so because they have responsibilities to their patients and their families. To adapt to menstrual pain challenges, many women in the country resort to taking non-natural products and painkillers.

These products are not safe in the long run. The case is so because they have negative health effects when used for a long time. Some of the side effects include acid reflux, ulcers, stomach inflammations, kidney and liver diseases.

The Bottom Line

Women are terribly working hard due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With long shifts, they must take care of their families. Do not let your woman suffer due to period pain or use potentially dangerous products to relieve herself from period pain. Share to them about the affordable, safe Nhea Roll-on and help India in moving towards a chemical-free life. Click here to order yours.

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